The year 2015 has been an affluent year for my career as a rock photographer. I met and photographed MANY of the world’s most famous rock, jazz, blues, metal and pop artists. And, I’ve loved every moment of it–all the sweat, rain, mud, head-banging crowd-surfers, cranky band managers and even blood (just a little, well, a tiny bit… I cut my knee… slightly… ok it was a mere graze…), was worth it.

It’s hard to choose THE most favourite photo, as they each have their unique memories that are personal–between the performer and me, so I put a collection together here of the ones I really like.

I’ve learned so much over the year, made many new friends, and have been inspired to get better and better by some of the world’s best photographers and musicians.

Here’s to 2016 being an even bigger; the most extraordinary year of all!



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