I think all art is about control – the encounter between control and the uncontrollable. – Richard Vedon

I just watched a very inspirational documentary of an incredible fashion and portrait photographer, Richard Avedon, “Darkness and Light”. I’m now going to take more time looking and talking with the subject; while also continuing to go headlong into the work. I am in no way comparing myself to him; this is my only photo remotely like his, http://www.carlneumann.com/Portraits/i-nRSjZFZ/

About this photo: I’d looked at his face many times, over the decade, and thought, “What an interesting person: Hardworking, friendly, wise and artistic.”
At the time I took this photo, I was at an art exhibition, photographing the mingling crowd, as we approached each other at the apex of the stairwell. Behind him was a stark window of harsh light which bounced off the white gallery walls, almost wrapping his unique face. I directed stop, “I’m taking a photo of you!”

Without protest he looked at me, I took the photo, and it is still one of my favourite portraits to date.

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