[Plesently suprised]

I don’t watch, read or listen to the news, ever. Very occasionally, I might get a tiny glimpse of the radio news as I am driving (in-between iPhone tunes). Yesterday I caught a snippet of the riots in Baltimore and thought I would have a little look and Google it.

I searched “Baltimore” and clicked on the top two links to New York Times and USA Today. I started to watch a video about the riots. There was the usual, “world is a dangerous place”, “everybody says”, “it’s all gone bad,” “racism”… blah, blah. You know the typical “news” they feed. But, to my surprise it only lasted for about thirty seconds of the actual burning and pillaging but then began showing footage of local religious, community and gang leaders, altogether, in the one room. Together working out a strategy to stop the riots and to bring peace to their city.

Today, I thought I would check out the same websites to see if there were any change. To my surprise, I discovered that the many local kids and adults were out on the street cleaning up, and riots had turned into peaceful protests. The cities orchestra were playing beautiful music on the streets, and there was a real sense of community. The cops had moved aside; they were still armed and ready, but they let the protesters carry on.
I don’t know what the news in Australia is saying, but from experience ┬áit would mostly be the usual, “the world is a dangerous place”, “everybody says”, “it’s all gone bad”, “racism”… blah, blah. If not, I stand surprised and corrected.

I think we are all moving in the right direction as a race, finally. I believe that life on earth, no matter how bad it may seem right now can be turned around and become prosperous for all.

Amen [so be it].