Jime Litwalk – Ink Master, Season 3

Back in April, I went along to the Rites of Passage 2016 Tattoo, Music & Art Festival to photograph for Desert Highways.

Being a virgin of the tattoo, I was a little daunted as I first walked through the beautiful old Melbourne Exhibition building while live human canvases happily (and in some cases, painfully) got themselves a new tat. But, after a short while, I soon became accustomed to the buzzing sounds of the guns and quickly felt at ease knowing I was surrounded by fellow artists who were all too happy to have there worked photographed while in progress.

[Spoiler Alert – TV Series – Ink Master, Season 3]

One of which was Ink Master, Season 3, Runner Up, Jime Litwalk. I hung over the edge of the booth, and we got to chatting while I watched him do a sick piece on a guy who was loving every etch as Jime (pronounced ‘jimmy’) inked away.

I’d organised earlier in the day for a pass-key to the upstairs balcony so I could take a portrait of one of the celebrity artists. Admiring his bright and colourful work, I asked Jime if he would like to be the one; he obliged.

Check out Jime Litwalk’s website @ www.jimelitwalk.com

See the full gallery of the day at the Rites of Passage 2016 Tattoo, Music & Art Festival on Desert Highways website @ http://deserthighways.com/2016/04/25/rites-of-passage-day-1-22-04-2016/

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Jime Litwalk - Ink Master

Jime Litwalk - Ink Master - Season 3


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