I need your help please!!!

I am not selling you anything. It costs no money and obligartion free.

I need help testing a new website I just made. www.UnleashedArtist.com

My team and I have just made a new website for a client. We are now in the testing stages of the site and need people to become members. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CONTINUE ANYTHING ONCE YOU HAVE SIGNED UP AND IT IS FREE. Get a profile similar to Facebook or Myspace.

The site is for musicians/bands and fans/groupies. www.UnleashedArtist.com

Musicans / bands can signup and promote their music. They can upload their music, videos and more. They can also upgrade to become a Featured Artist. By upgrading they get a full on 3 page ebsite! This feature is completly free for 1 week. There will never be any charges. After a week the cost will be $19AUD/month for anyone that signs up from that point. Sign up now FREE for a lifetime. IF YOUR A MUSICIAN OR A BAND – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! – Please only sign up as an artist if you are an artist. –

Fans / groupies can support the musicians/bands. They can upload their music, videos and more. If you are not an artist sign up as a groupie.

Please note this site is still under construction and there are problems. Not all applications work at the moment.

Get your FREE profile here: www.UnleashedArtist.com

Your help is appreciated.

Cheers to you,

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