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Carl Neumann

I’ve put together this document of common definitions as they are commonly misunderstood or mixed together — even by industry “professionals”. It’s vital these words are understood so your marketing results in businesses expansion.


This what the public see to be informed about your service or product. It includes websites, flyers, billboards, commercials, advertisements, car stickers, your logo…


This is placing your publicity and promotion into a Market. A Market is one or more groups of people who need or want your product or service.


This is getting press in the media (newspapers, apps and websites) and word of mouth circulating or social media shares.


The people in the Market one wants to promote and sell too. They are the ones interested and desire your product or service.


A position is where you put a product in somebody’s life or mind and in relation to
other products.

When we look at an industry, say soft drinks, what comes to mind first in the majority of peoples minds? Coke right? Then Pepsi. Usually, it’s Coke (or Coca Cola). They hold the position in the soft drink world.

Consider brands on a ladder. The one at the top is the position winner, the one that’s first in the mind of the majority of people.

We are working on the positioning of business we are looking at where they sit in the market, which makes them stand out, and what will make them the first thought of in peoples minds.

You communicate your position to the public through the use of your main message and branding.


Branding is simply the design look and feel of the business. This is the logo, the brand colours and imagery such as graphics and photos on their promotion.

Many people get Branding and Positioning mixed up.


Surveys are used to understand the market one wants to promote too. They are used to discover how the public thinks. The findings can be used to create powerful promotional pieces or to improve the quality of your service or product.

Buttons / Survey Buttons

A button is what is pushed in the reactive mind to get a reaction. It’s not necessarily analytical. It’s a trigger.


This is what is used to communicate what your service or product is and how it is useful to people.

Buttons have their use in promotion but we are not really interested in them as much as we are the Message. The message is the real communication of a promo piece. Buttons are just the lubrication used to get your message through the noise.


The buttons are “Chemicals sprayed on food” and “sick in hospital”.

The message is then something like – “We want people to eat food that’s not sprayed with toxic chemicals. We don’t want to see people sick and in the hospital, because their food is poisoned.


This can be anything on a promotional piece. Words, graphics or photos — these are all promotional copy.


Let me know if you have any questions about these definitions or have more words you would like clear definitions for.

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