Content Managment Systems Made Easy

Most websites today are made with a CMS (Content Management System) – that’s a fancy term for the ability to edit the text and images of a website without requiring extensive technical skills; so just about anyone can do it. We specialise in a CMS called Joomla, which is easy to use, widely accepted, and incredibly powerful. We provide training and ongoing support for every job so our clients all have the power to successfully update themselves.

We use serveral different CMS’s and several different eCommerce / Shopping Cart Systems depending on your requirements. If you have products to sell online, we consider things like your product information, photography, your shipping and payment options, and importantly, accepting credit card payments online. It doesn’t have to be hard work, and we’ve done it all before, so can make the process easy.
Project Management Software

Once we begin building your site we set up a job in our project tracking system. This allows our staff to easily communicate to you and you to us using the messaging board, view the progress of your project, upload and download files.

We consider the following very important when owning a website.

* Editing the website yourself
* Search Engine Friendly – Google likes websites built a certain way; we are experts at it
* Attract clients – Websites must be aesthetically very pleasing, to entice clients to stay on your site, and also guide them to an action, encouraging an enquiry, phone call or sale
* Help! Once the website is built, we need to be there to support you when you need it
* Suit your style – your website needs to match your branding and business requirements
* Meet your needs – Most businesses have specific requirements for their website

It is essential for any business to be listed on the World Wide Web…but not just in any slapdash way. We believe it is vital that your website is easy to locate via web directories and search engines, and that it will immediately captivate a visitor’s interest.

Whether you need a small “brochure” type site, an informative site, an e-commerce site or a corporate entity site, we can research, design and build you a site that will bring you more prospects and customers.

With our extremely low hosting prices you will save a fortune on your yearly internet overheads.

Pricing a website depends on many factors. To give accurate pricing on a site we would need to understand your needs. We always work with our clients on a 1-on-1 basis to determine what type of site is necessary for online success. We will ensure we meet your needs within your budget.

Most custom-built sites fall within the range of $1,400 – $8,000. However you can definitely have a solid online presence starting at just $250. Large multi-level corporate sites cost much more. Pricing would be determined by labour and the amount of components.

We are not limited to one type or style of website. One of our consultants will help you work out the type of site that would benefit you the most and the specific features necessary. Here is a summary list of your options:

* Internet Presence/Simple 1 or 2 Page Site
* Internet Presence/Small Business Description Site
* Corporate Company Site
* Community Site
* Forum Base/Community Site
* Educational/Informative Site
* E-commerce Site/Online Sales
* Flash Interactive Website
* Flash Animation Website

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