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Carl Neumann has a rich and diverse history in the arts industries, being talented in creative and graphic design, painting, drawing, photography, copywriting and music journalism. With these combined talents, Carl has created hundreds of websites, brochures, logos, photographs and videos for national and international companies, including Crown Casino, Honeywell, Oral-B, Sony Records, Warner Records, Rolling Stone and other household names and well-known brands and companies.

As a creative portrait, commercial and music photographer, Carl photographs Australian and international artists including musicians, actors, models and CEOs.

Carl also writes for a number of national music magazines and websites, and boasts a high-profile portfolio.


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My Live Music Pic Picks for 2015

2015 was an affluent year for my career as a rock photographer - I met and photographed a large number of the world's most famous rock, jazz, blues, metal and pop artists, and I loved every moment of it. All the sweat, rain, mud, head-banging crowd-surfers, cranky band managers and even blood (just a little - well, a tiny bit - I cut my knee... slightly... ok, it was a mere graze...), was worth it.

Its hard to choose THE most favourite photo, as they each have their unique memories that are personal between the performer and me - so I put a collection together here with the ones I personally like.

I've learnt so much over the past year, made many new friends, and have been inspired to get better and better by some of the world's best photographers and musicians.

Here's to 2016 being an even bigger year; the most extraordinary year of all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! TIME KICK ASS...!

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Recent Portrait Photography

Words 'n Photographs

MEGANEWS - Megadeth Feature One of Carl's Photos

The first album I owned, back in '84, was a double cassette of the Village People. I loved it. Then, I discovered the likes of Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Metallica and Megadeth. They were the first bands to start, what I now understand as an insatiable thirst for music. An un-killable desire to find enjoyment through the art of sound.

Sure, I like other forms of music such as jazz, blues, rock, and even a bit of pop--but, heavy metal has always been the keystone.

Prior to the heavy discovery, I was predisposed to my mothers Jonny Cash, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton records. Each was on constant rotation and were very rarely played quietly. If they neighbours were not fans, they were forced to subscribe, or move home.

I've had the good fortune to interview and photograph some of the world's biggest musicians and have my work published in a variety of magazines and websites across the globe. It's something I'm very proud of and love doing it beyond words.

Today, one my all time favourite bands, Megadeth, featured a photograph I took of them during a recent show in Sydney, Australia, on their tour page.


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Best Festival of 2015
Byron Bay Blues Fest 

I've attended many music festivals in my time - some were grandiose, some were stinking hot mud troughs. Poland, Germany, Turkey, Australia - each had their own spin on what a music festival should be.

With the recent collapse of Soundwave, the Australian metal community was left with a big hole - and understandably angry - because the promoter dared not publicly take responsibility for his mistakes. However, stronger than ever is the mighty Byron Bay Blues Festival, and by the look of 2016's line-up, it is standing prouder than ever.

I enjoyed shooting this festival last year, and I'm hoping they will do me the pleasure of inviting me back for another long weekend of blues and more jam-filled organic donuts!

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A Touch of the Good Ol' Days

I just love this shot of Nicole. She brought along a beautifully made corset along to the shoot, and we immediately got this idea--old school lady, but with a spunky little attitude. I lurve how it turned out.

I getting a lot of great ideas for future shoots on a daily basis, where's that cloning device? I need to triple myself to get it all done! Much more satisfaction to be had with future creative creations.

Advertising agencies, you are welcome to contact me and offer jobs, hint, hint...

AC/DC - Rock Or Bust Tour

Recently I took on an assignment to write the "Heavy Legends" column for Australia's largest heavy metal magazine, Heavy Magazine. It was a nostalgic trip back down the time track to a younger me. The article took the angle of "everyone has an AC/DC story", and - based on the response I received once the article went to print - I was right. Everyone does seem to have an AC/DC story.

An excerpt: "Personally, AC/DC represents several pivotal points in my life; my first-ever beer at my mate Barney's house, a family road trip across Australia in a Commodore blasting the hits from ‘High Voltage' to 'Back In Black’ on my trusty Sony Walkman, and the first time I was left alone at my childhood home. Our conservative neighbours had never experienced a Saturday morning like that before, especially when "Who Made Who" (on vinyl) ripped through the lounge room curtains, causing Angus' hard-edged guitar to echo down the street and across the creek, as I kicked and air guitared around the room. Ahhhh - those memories!".

To top things off, and to create an "AC/DC story" for him, this show was my ten-year-old son's first-ever concert and - get this - he even scored a pick from Angus Young!

Needless to say, I was utterly stoked to be an official photographer for scenestr Mag and hang-out down the front while the band blasted those incredible catchy riffs.

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Carving Into The Landscape

When I was a very young lad I traveled a lot with my parents, mostly throughout Queensland, Australia. We occasionally ventured off into the other states, even finding ourselves all the way over in Western Australia.

With me would travel a trusty Polaroid camera that I would use as we walked rainforest tracks to incredible lookouts, beautiful waterfalls, and captivating caves.

One day I will look through the old albums my mum has kept, and check out my work. On second thoughts, maybe not...I know, they were as bad as they come!

Which is why I have decided to take on the challenge of landscape photography. And, why not? Music photography is not simple, and landscapes are equally as challenging. It's often said that they are the two hardest forms of photography.

So, here lie my first two real attempts at seascape photography. The location is The Rock Pools at Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Based on the feedback, people seem to  them. :)

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Musician Photography

Cory, a budding young singer-songwriter, signed up for a rockin' shoot at my home studio on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year - something like 43 degrees celsius! Needless to say, there was quite a bit of brow sweating involved, but luckily my makeup artist Tracey (@GiveMeGlam) was on hand to mop up. :)

Tracey and I have worked on a few gigs together now, and the synergy is working so well that we're looking forward to our next gig together.

Actor & Model Head Shots 

Tom Cullen recently stepped up for a series of headshots to use in his acting and modelling portfolio--you many have seen him on a bus advertisement around town recently.

Not only does he have a naturally charming face, but he is also one of the nicest gentlemen I have had the pleasure of meeting, which made photographing him a breeze.

We spent a couple of hours together capturing several different looks in various locations around and in my Surrey Hills studio.

These photos are straight out of the camera, prior to doing any post-production editing on them.

It's become a very interesting moving from just music photography to now doing lots of portraiture work. 

It has become a very interesting for me, to move from just music photography to now doing lots of portraiture work.

Classical Guitarist & Composer: Alex Chudnovsky

Russian-born classical guitarist and composer, Alex Chudnovsky, came into the studio recently for a portrait sitting for his next album and musical scorebook cover.  

Alex played us some mesmerising tunes as we developed the session. 

Check out and buy a CD or two on iTunes or via his website at

A Fashion Designers Alter Ego

Suzanna Zagon, a well-known wedding dress designer in Melbourne, Australia, has an unlikely after hours secret, boxing! Suzanna trains several times a week with a kickboxer. While she doesn't get in the ring and fight, she sure puts on a mean effort during training.

When she asked me to photograph her, I didn't forsee what she really wanted. 

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